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ZOO Pyrenees

Crta. L-401, km 35
245283 Odèn
Tel. 610 750 224 (Stania)

You like watching documental programs about the nature on the TV?
Dreaming about places you long to visit?

Stand up and switch the TV off!

Because we live this reality every day,
for wildlife is everywhere around us! 
And it is amazing and beautiful and breathtaking.

And we’d love to share with you!


WHAT animals and plants you can see in the ZOO of the Pyrenees?

In a European Nature protected Area, on the first hills of the Pyrenees with overwhelming views that includes 1/3 of the whole Catalonia, there we live, there you can find us.

In the background we are protected by the majestic cliffs of 200 m where wild vultures, eagles and falcons breed.
From sides we are surrounded by green endless forests, the refuge for impressive number of wild animals and plants.
And in front of us there is this large peaceful space that enables you to overview huge part of this great land we call our home.

Thanks to this privileged place,
the ZOO of the Pyrenees claims to have a right set of circumstances
to make possible the observation of wildlife
and simultaneously the advantage of
having the representatives of the same speciesism at a closeness;
so you can appreciate every detail of their facets,
a real size of the animals and
learn many interesting facts about their lives and behavior.

To see the great variety of wildlife that you can appreciate in our park    click here to go to Gallery of photos.



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