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Toca toca

Ester en activitat Toca toca
Do you want to do something different with your children this weekend, but they find boring everything that you suggest them and they prefer to spend the weekend in front of a computer screen?

We have an activity that sure enough brings a smile on the face of your little explorers! You do not believe me? Invite your children to watch the video and ask them if they would like to participate.

Watch video

Workshop Toca toca

Photo of workshop Suits of animals

Wild animals

1. Scops owl – feeding and caresses
2. Falcon – caresses and wearing on a glove
3. Barn owl – caresses
4. Wild duck – caresses
5. Turtle – feeding and caresses

Farm animals

6. Chicken – caresses
7. Rabbits – caresses

You will meet very closely all these native animals: caress them, observe them, carry them on your hand and even feed them. Our specialists, with a great experience based on many years of work and coexistence with wildlife, will accompany you, guide you and they will reveal you some of the secrets of nature. To ensure a high quality of the experience, you will have two of our professionals at your disposal during the workshop. There there is a limited number of participants. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a unique encounter with animals!

The workshop costs € 5 per person –  we want to make sure that your whole family can participate!
Time: at 12:30 a.m. and at 4 p.m.
* Workshop is available only in combination with a park entrance.

Buy your tickets

You will not only acquire an unforgettable memory but also support one of our most important tasks: To take care of wild unrecoverable animals. With the purchase of an entrance, you help us to cover the expenses of alimentation, medicines, veterinary treatments and adaptation of their individual spaces. Unfortunately, because of human action, they will never be able to return to the wild nature. We do our best to make their lives as comfortable and happy as possible.

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