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Summer 2017


Summer has finished and it is time to make the balance of our high season.
It has been an intense summer. Hot weather, lack of water – we would love to express our sincere gratitude to our neighbours from the rural village Puig-Arnau for sharing their potable water with us in the time of the grave dry season. We are lucky to have you here. Thank you.

First the numbers

Activitat Toca-toca

Ester is in charge of the “Toca-toca” activity.

  • 5.132 visitors went to see our park.
  • ¼
  • of them visited us thanks to the recommendation of our local touristic institutions (both private and public). Thank you so much for your support.
  • 27% of our visitors repeated their experience in our park.
  • 000 participated in the Toca-toca activity.
  • 5 persons built the equip: Eloi, Ester, my daughter Anna, my son Lukas and me.
  • 4 exhibitions couldn’t take place because of the rain through the whole vacation.
  • 8 species of animals participated in Toca-toca activity: scops owl, barn owl, gyrfalcon, earth turtles, chick, rabbit and pigeon or duck.
  • 13 species participated in the exhibition: lesser falcon, marten, peregrine falcon, barn owls, little owl, tawny owl, genet, eagle owl, fox, raven, buzzard, steppe eagle and deer.
  • The favourite animal of the zoo was Alfonso, a common raven, who greets our visitor shouting behind them with his low sexy voice “¿Qué pasa, guapa?”
  • The loveliest moment of this season was during the exhibition, when a small girl asked if Rafael (our peregrine falcon) is a real bird. As he became more and more quick and agile in his flights during the summer, it is absolutely breath-taking to assist his demonstration.
  • 97 years was the maximum age of our visitants (from 85 years the entrance is free of charge).

Necessity of environmental education

Eloi explica que és una egagròpila.

The guided tours with Eloi are very successful.

Some families complained about the bees that visit our park searching for nutrition. Though we are proud that our plants secure their alimentation, some parents considered them wasps and therefore a big danger for their children. We couldn’t believe that they would want us to kill them with poison!!!

Some visitors didn’t understand our task and the care we take of our animals. We need to explain better and more visually the way we attend to them.

Many times, we had to unblock the tubing with rest water, for people threw materials inside that do not dissolve in water. The problem that we face is at small scale, but large purifying plants face this problem frequently and it cost large amounts of money to solve that problem.

There is so much to be done so that people understand that their doing affects the whole nature, no matter if they are in our park or at home. We promise to keep on working on the environmental education. Trying to make them aware of the consequences of their actions and tempting them to do well. So be attentive to our next articles! We will work on it. We will also expand our communication with our visitors and people that care for the nature via newsletter and we will keep our presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We apologise

We are sorry to confess that we couldn’t open our butterfly garden this summer and we couldn’t offer the promised workshop about falconry. We simply didn’t have enough time to do all of it.

The most important in the end

Interactuar amb els animals

Our team want to express our gratitude to all the persons who came to visit us, who recommended us to their clients and friends, who mentioned us on their social media. It is you who make it possible that we can continue with our task of environmental education and taking care of the unfortunate animals that were injured and cannot live in wild nature anymore. Your entrance fee makes possible that we can buy food for them and take care of them. Thank you, we appreciate it profoundly.

See you soon in our park.

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