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14315260_sBoasting a diverse and highly skilled Education Team, made up of specialists in various branches of natural science, we provide unique learning sessions for all ages and abilities and deliver interactive experiences. The educational activity of our ZOO includes basic knowledge of the environment, but also physical skills and art education. We give great emphasis on the communicative dimension and personal development.

It is possible to make the explication in English, German, Spanish, Catalan or Czech.



IMG_3226Have you ever seen an eagle owl? Were you tousled by a barn owl flying over your head? Have you observed the fastest animal of the world? The central activity of the Zoo of Pyrenees is a exhibiting of free flying birds of prey. It provides an opportunity to meet different kinds of animals that live in Catalonia. Thanks to the privileged place, the exhibition is commonly interrupted by wild vultures and eagles that overfly the place. This activity combines the pedagogical aspect of surprise and spectacle. It lasts an hour and a quarter.




An important part of the activities are workshops where students have the opportunity to experience a close contact with animals. Choose the one that best fits your educational objectives. Every workshop lasts 1h; we work in groups of 15-20 students.


Zoo del Pirineu visita ZER Lladurs 201406060016 tam webA Zoo Educator guides your students through the Zoo while enthralling them with inside information. The tour includes up-close animal encounters. Get an in-depth look at how we help conserve endangered species! Students will learn about native species and discover how they can be heroes for wildlife in their communities. This program includes animal encounters.

Students apply their knowledge of different species’ similarities and differences acquired during the tour in a small competition.



experience with animalsAnimals must find innovative ways to survive in the wild. How are they prepared to hunt and not to be hunted? The owls use their coloring to blend into the surrounding habitat. The peregrine has a kind of sunglasses to be able to see during the sunny days. Using animal presentations and hands-on helpers Animals’ Suits is a program designed to fit school groups of all shapes and sizes. A reptile, a bird, and a mammal are used along to help children focus on the coverings of each animal group.

With this workshop, students can approach these animals. From observation and contact, you can work the particularities of each species according to their habits. Also available as a classroom program at your school.

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