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No show with snow


Mountains with snow

These days winter came back to Spain with more power than ever: snow, snow, snow and cold. It is really lovely to see the landscape with shining white fresh snow contrasting with the dark green of the trees, especially the day after the snowstorm, with crystal blue sky over this delightful panorama. The world seems so pure and so beautiful.

So why does is come that we do not take advantage of this breath-taking scenery and stop with all the public oriented activities, even call the people who made reservation and try to make them to change the date of their visit?


Why there is no show with snow at the Zoo of the Pyrenees?

We are very jealous and we want to have all this tender fairy exquisiteness for us alone. (No, no, don’t believe it! It was just a joke 🙂 )

We cannot guarantee your sure access to the zoo, for when it snows it takes sometimes several hours till the snowplough arrives and cleans the road.

We do not want you and your family to suffer cold during the exhibition. Please remember that the show takes 1 hour and, for your and our animals’ security, we need you to sit down during all this time.

A lady in winter

By the way: we found a solution for one part of this cold problem. We met a skilled handicrafts-lady here in Solsona who made us lovely and warm quilts. We lend them for free to our visitors, so they feel comfortable during their experience with our animals.

At the same time, we found a solution for our visitors’ sitting facilities 😉 and we purchased 100 cozy pillows. Well; we are not so much proud of these pillows for we had to look for a solution in China and they are made of plastic – this product is absolutely against our belief and philosophy! But we simply couldn’t afford the ecological pillows made in Solsona by handicapped people. At the moment, the “Made in China” Pillows must do, and meanwhile, we promise to keep on looking for a good ecological product we can afford.

And finally the most important reason that prevents us from making the exhibition during cold days – our animals.

Elanio azul

Some of them are migratory birds. During cold days, we keep them inside our home and provide them a high-nutritional diet. If we’d force them to stay during a longer time outside, their metabolism could collapse.

Some of them are owls. The owls tend to make a pantry and keep reserves of food so during cold days they do not need to leave the warm shelter. The most extreme case is the Barn Owl: its problem? She cannot accumulate reserve on energy in form of fat. So if there are 2 – 3 days with snow and she can’t catch enough mice, she dies. In northern countries, it can happen that 90% of the barn owl population dies during a cold winter!

Some of our animals just do not care if it is cold or not, but to make an exhibition with only one part of the animals would not be fair for you, our client. We want you to have a complete experience when you come to visit us.

What to do if you have purchased tickets or if you have made a reservation?

I hope you understand that the climatic conditions are not in our hands and though we’d love to have our park full of visitors every day of the year, there are days that we have important reasons to keep the zoo closed. If you have purchased tickets or if you have made a reservation for the day which it is not possible to make the exhibition, please call us or send us an email or a WhatsApp. We will change the date of your reservation cost-free.

If you have more questions about this subject, please leave me a comment, I’ll answer all of them.


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