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Nest of pigeons


Every bird has a nest as it is supposed to be; only the pigeon has, instead of a nest, a strange and ugly construction. It’s a mystery for us how it’s possible that the eggs don’t fall out of it when it swings with the wind.

If you want to know why they do it like this, listen.

Nest of pigeons

A long time ago, the pigeon didn’t build any nest. When spring arrived, the pigeon mum sat on the floor and laid her eggs there. But then, one day, a fox approached to the nest very slowly and very quietly, and it stole the eggs. The pigeon parents cried a lot and the pigeon dad flew to the top of a blackberry and groaned and lamented:

“We had two precious eggs and now all that that fox left us is their memory. It has stolen our eggs, it has stolen our kids!”

The pigeon cried and cried, complained, groaned and regretted that he didn’t build a nest. He collected some small branches, but he didn’t know how to place them to build his nest. He appealed all the birds, so they would show him how to master this very difficult task. The birds flew over immediately and they started to create a nest. As soon as they had put together a branch with another, the pigeon already started to complain:

“Enough! Enough! I already know how to do it by myself, I already know how to do it!”

And the birds answered him: “Oh? So, if you know how to build the nest, we don’t need to keep doing your work!” The birds threw the branches on the floor and flew away.

The pigeon flew in rounds above the tree, put a branch here and another there, but all of them fell on the floor, one after another, and the pigeon wasn’t capable of doing his nest. What could he do? Again, he called the other birds. They came again and immediately started to work hard. But when half of the nest was build, the pigeon again started to shout: “Enough! Now I really know how to do it!”

“Nice, if you know how to, you can do it all by yourself.” And the birds flew away.

The pigeon tried it again. He pushed a branch here, another there, but he just didn’t achieve to finish the nest. And he called the birds for the third time. But the birds didn’t come again. They didn’t want to try to teach something to someone who thinks that he already knows everything.

The pigeon’s nest was never finished. And since that day, the pigeon dad lives in it with its pigeon wife, in that half made nest full of holes.

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