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Grupo de motoristas en la muntanya.

Do you like travelling with motorcycles?

The road L-401 (which passes right in front of our zoo) is famous among motorcycle lovers all around Europe! The challenge of a road in good conditions, full of curves in a dramatic terrain where on the right side there are perpendicular walls and on the left, there are deep cliffs, appeals motorcyclists from near and far.

In the middle of one of the most popular and fascinating routes of the Pre-Pyrenees, you can take a break to have a walk, drink a coffee and… if you please so… get to know our park and the animals that live there. We are surrounded by wildlife in its whole glory and, if you want, we invite you to discover its secrets.

Moturisme – services for the motorcycle voyagers

Link a la pàgina de Moturisme Lleida

The Zoo of the Pyrenees is part of the brand Moturisme – Pyrenees and Lleida.

There are already 10 routes which pass the demarcation of Lleida, all of them with a great touristic and scenic attraction, and they combine sections of secondary roads with little traffic and windings with other sections that are straighter, since they are principal roads. All the roads which are part of Moturisme have been supervised by an expert crew to ensure that the asphalt is excellent. This project establishes a guaranty system by a quality seal that by now identifies 40 tourist accommodation establishments and 28 complementary services as restaurants, cafes and museums, among others.

Click on the logo to learn more about the brand “Moturisme”.

Espai privatHelmet and jacket storage service

The visitors that arrive by motorcycle can use a secure place in the private part of the park to let their helmets and jackets there. So, you can enjoy your visit.

In the same place, you will find a box with all the necessary tools to let your equipment as shiny as new before you continue your trip.

You also can ask for material to clean your boots (brushes and cloths) and material to clean your motorcycle (a bucket with cleaning cloths and soap).

Entrance and parking

The entrance to the zoo is signalized from the road L-401 and is asphalted. You dispose of a special parking for motorcycles with a firm ground. This area is close to the entry of the park and is easily supervised from the ticket office and form the bar terrace.

Useful information

Interesting places near the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Weather prediction at the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Geolocation of the Zoo of the Pyrenees

In the shop of the zoo you will find any information on paper about the cultural attractions of the zone, the accommodations, the restaurants and a map of the county of the Solsonès.


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  • Malheureusement on ne parle pas bien francais mais vous pouvez trouver des informations sur les animaux par écrit sur des affiches pendant votre visite du parc.

Gas stations near the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Opened: 24 hores
Carretera C-14, km 141
25790 Oliana
Phone: 973 47 00 38

Opened: 6:00 – 21:00 hores
Carretera de Berga, 15
25282 Sant Llorenç de Morunys
Phone: 901 10 11 01

Opened: 24 hores
Carretera de Manresa
25280 Solsona
Phone: 973 48 08 87

Garages and shops near the Zoo of the Pyrenees

Opened:  De 10:00 a 13:00 i de 16:00 a 19:00 hores
Address: Ctra. de Manresa, Km 49,5 (Pol. Ind. Pronisa), 25280 Solsona
Phone: 973482702

Opened: De 8:30 a 13:30 i de 15 a 20 hores
Address: Polígon Industrial els Ametllers, P.I 1, 25280 Solsona
Phone: 973 48 11 51

Link a la pàgina web del Moturisme


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