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Hello! My name is Lukas and I am in charge of the daily publications on twitter, and as Lukas. participa en la exhibiciónI have grown between birds of prey I help to train them and I participate at the free-flight exhibition, just taking care of the birds while Eloi or Stania make the explanation. I am 14 years old, I study 4th of ESO and in the future, I would like to dedicate my time to the world of computer science. I hope you like my biography:




Lukas y sus amigos hacen excursión.I was born in Germany, as my siblings, but the difference is that I was the last one to come to this world. Soon after that I first entered in contact with animals, who have accompanied me ever since, and I think and hope that there are still many, many more moments left in which I will be surrounded by them to take care about them. Back to the subject: I was born in Germany, but I remember absolutely nothing from that time, except some images that sometimes flash through my mind, but I don’t know which relation they have with my life. I also remember almost nothing from the first years that I was here, in the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees, but I do know that I got incorporated into an immense group of people, the Catalans, which received me with open arms and helped me, together with my siblings, to learn a completely new language, and what’s more, to make me feel like home in an unknown place. Since I actually grew up in this culture, I understand and share their point of view of life. Even so, the first days were very hard. I was little, and I still remember one of those days, when my sister convinced me to go to school by saying me that there was an enormous toy truck which I could fill with sand.

Lukas jugaba con los perrosMy parents worked a lot. I tried to help them, I had even some responsibilities. Well, the truth is: there weren’t so many things to do apart from working with the animals, to ride horses, to ski during the winter, to explore the woods… and to play videogames. But my parents could not understand why my siblings and I preferred being in front of a computer when we could be outside doing so many things. Maybe they just didn’t understand that, without our friends, the activities weren’t so exciting.

Even so, we did an effort and went on walks with the dogs (one day we found a snake and we got really scared!), we practiced archery, we explored paths, we went to the river… we even took baths in the rainwater retention pond and climbed on the duck-house that floated there; in the end, we always spent a great time.

Lukas ayuda a construir el zoo.The Zoo of the Pyrenees is a family project. My mother has the philosophy that we all shell participate in the work that must be done. That is why I helped a lot when we started to build the foundations of the zoo. At the beginning, it was very exigent, since we spent the days moving rocks, earth, gravel and wood from one place to another and there were no visible progresses, which made this work even harder. The first construction we made were some small cages, those that today are the farm zone, and that was very repetitive: extend the net, stitch it together, put it in place and repeat the process. One of the last cages we built were the ones for owls: I had to balance myself over a trunk to pass all wires, since my mother has vertigo and Eloi helped me from the ground, I was absolutely necessary in order to finish the construction, and that made me feel really, really important. Even if some people are astonished of how I, as little as I was, already had to help with all the tasks, I must say that my friends that live on a farm have always shared the work and the worries of their parents as I do.

Lukas demostra su trabajo a sus amigos.My first bird of prey was Xurri, a common kestrel female; she was my father’s present. I trained her and I invited my school friends to see the first time she participated at the exhibition. After some time, my father gave me a goshawk – a quite big bird, by the way. I didn’t know anything about them and I didn’t know how to start with the training… That’s why my father sent my goshawk, “Pistolerete”, to a friend of his, called Ángel, who knows a lot about goshawks, and has even written a book entitled “El aprendiz de cetrero” (the falconer’s apprentice), a romance with a very beautiful story and accompanied with some explanations that help to train different types of birds of prey. But back to the subject… he gave him back to me two weeks later and it was a marvellous bird. My father and me, we went to a place near Zaragoza to hunt with him, but all 4 times we went, we didn’t catch anything, and I got discouraged. We decided to hand “Pistolerete” over to another falconer.

A Lukas le gusta escalada.My mother says that I have a gift treating with birds and that it is very comfortable to work with me, but I am not so sure if she says so just to make feel confident or if she really means it. But when I participate at the exhibition and I see how nice the birds fly and how the visitors enjoy it, it makes me feel very happy. Even so, I am much more interested in computers. I know that it isn’t good for my health, but fact is that the place I spend most of my time is in front of the computer. To complement this sedentary hobby, I practice sport: when I was younger I played basketball in the Solsona team and I enjoyed it a lot, but the trainings became more and more often and I got home too late; now, instead of playing basketball, I climb at a climbing wall in Solsona as an extracurricular activity: I do it with my friends and I love it! I feel how I can do things that I couldn’t do before. It is amazing and it makes me feel very satisfied. Another thing I like a lot is everything related to motor-racing, especially the “Dragsters”, what are acceleration races with cars that have a brutal power and reach more than 500km/h in few seconds.

A Lukas le gusta las motos.There are many other exciting things that have marked me, but these are the ones I remember the most and maybe also the ones that define in the best way the person I am today.

I always try to discover new things, be adventurous in this great expedition called life! 🙂

Lukas Kuspert

PD: Follow me on twitter! At @zoopirineu I will inform you about our daily life.


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