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Internship in a company


Looking for a place to do curricular or extracurricular practices?
If you are doing a education cycle geared towards:

  • Profit and Conservation of the Natural Environment
  • Tourist assistance
  • Carer of animals
  • Education and Environmental Control
  • Forestry and Natural Environment Management
  • Landscaping and Rural Environment

You can practice at the Zoo of the Pyrenees and learn from us the reality of a laboral life.


What you should know about the practices in the company:

  • We take internships as a preparation for the laboral reality. Believe us: Working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week is not always fun.
  • Working with animals comes with a great responsibility and personal involvement. We will be strict with you and we will expect from you to comply with the agreed schedules, your tasks and your obligations.
  • Working towards the public can sometimes be frustrating or intimidating. You will have to leave your comfort zone.
  • We have to divide our time between the attention to the public, the animals, the maintenance, the promotion … We hope that you accompany us in most of these tasks.

But don’t worry: We will never ask you to do anything that we do not usually do ourselves.


Your tasks:

Feeding and keeping animals – It will be made along with Stania and Eloi.
Animal training – Mainly birds of prey, it will be done under the direction of Stania.
Maintenance of the park – Cleaning roads, removing grass, painting wooden furniture … This task will be done with Eloi.
Attention to the public – The most important task of our park is environmental education. We will help you in activities aimed at school and/or family audiences.
+ Your personal project
According to your work orientation and personal interest we will give you a space to develop a proposal for improvement in the park on:

  • Design and adaptation of a thematic area in ​​the park
  • Elaboration of a new educational resource
  • A study of the current fauna or flora
  • Proposals to improve the visitor’s experience of the park

Why do we ask for a personal proposal?

We believe it is important to get involved in your work environment. One of our priorities is to ensure a unique experience for our visitors. Continuous improvement is a key element in the operation of the Zoo of the Pyrenees.


Performance of the practices:


Depending on your availability, the conditions of your employment contract will define your work schedule.
Hours per day: You can come 3 hours a day in the morning or afternoon or a full day. You can choose your practice time between 7:30 AM and 8:00 PM.
Weekdays: We work 7 days a week, according to your employment contract, we will decide which days you have to come.

Once you have set the scheduling you have to stick to it. Obviously we will give you some free days.



Our park does not have complementary accommodation. If you do not live in a nearby environment, you should look for your accommodation for the duration of your work stay at the Zoo of the Pyrenees. We can help you with your search.

Due to this fact, it is essential that you have an own vehicle to reach the park.


Number of practitioners:

We want to ensure the best care and support during your stay with us. We accept only one person in internship at the same time.


Best time to do the internships:

Every season of the year involves different tasks, charms and problems. It is indifferent when you come to acquire your work experience with us.

In July and August we do not offer the possibility of doing internships: The high amount of visitors does not allow us to make the necessary accompaniment for the person in practice.



The practices in our park are not remunerated. We will not pay you for the time you are learning with us. But we can assure you that the practical knowledge you will acquire with us will have great value for your future life.

If you finish the practices in our park we will assume a part of your expenses on transport and/or accommodation.



There is the possibility to continue working in our park during the high season with a temporary work contract. This option will be evaluated among the current team members of the park and will be discussed with you the last week of your practices.


The person in charge of the internship:

Stania, the park’s director will be the person responsible for your practices. Talk to your tutor, and will organize and distribute your work obligations. It will be your contact person to clarify the doubts and solve the problems that you could have.

If you want to know her better  read here


How to start your internship in our park:

If you think that the practices at the Zoo of the Pyrenees could be profitable for you, if you have evaluated all the negative part of the practices and you feel prepared to overcome them, we will be more than happy if you write us by email zoopirineu@gmail.com and tell us about you. Please include your currivulum vitae.

We will get in touch with all those who are interested in practicing in our park.


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