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Falconry course


Stania with a peregrine falcon

What will we learn?

Caring for a falcon or an eagle is, without a doubt, a great responsibility and that is why we have to …

– Feed them correctly.
– Know how to interpret their mood and health.
– Provide free flight time regularly.
– Understand the way they perceive the world.

With time, the bird of prey will become a member of the family and a lifelong friendship will be formed.

With the falconry course, we offer you to have a first experience with hunting birds and acquire basic knowledge that has been known for thousands of years. Nowadays falconry has been declared “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO”.


Stania with an eagle-owlThe course is taught by Stania, the director of the Zoo of the Pyrenees, who has lived and worked with animals for 25 years.
If you want to know about her professional and private career, you will find it here:
The life of Stania




Who is this falconry course for?

Model with a falcon

People who feel affliction and fascination for the world of birds of prey.

People that want to perceive the passion and excitement of accompanying a bird in its flight.

People who are not identified with the world that our society has created… The ones who appreciate traditional life and who seek the roots of humanity.

Animalists and ecologists: Understanding how nature works (in this case, the world of birds of prey) is a key part of understanding how to protect animals and ecosystems; on the other hand, it will help us to do exercises with unrecoverable animals.



How to reserve a place in the course?

It is essential to reserve a place in the course with a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

By phone at 610 750 224
By Whatsapp at 610 750 224
By email:

We will be happy to answer all your questions and doubts and/or reserve your places in this unique course.
Once the confirmation is done, we will send you the ticket to attend the course and become a falconer for a day.

When is the course done?

Falcon holden by the oldest son of our family

The falconry course will be done every day from 12.10.2018 until 02.28.2019 provided there is a minimum of 2 people interested in participating.

To participate, you must:

1. Book your place with a minimum of one day in advance, on the phone 610 750 224 or by email to
2. Be 12 years old or older.
3. Not be afraid of animals, especially birds.
4. Be clear that our animals eat meat.

Animals that take part of the activity:

Stania training a falcon with a bait

1. Common Kestrel “Jake”
2. Peregrine falcon “Gili”

3. Golden Eagle “Bella”
4. Imperial Eagle “Maléfica”
5. Buzzard “Leia”
6. Black-winged kite “Perla”

Eloi and Stania flying a black-winged kite


7. Eagle-owl “Sauron”
8. Little owl “Torrente”
9. Scops owl “Frodo”

The animals mentioned can vary depending on the decision of the people in charge of the zoo based on the welfare of the animals.



Timetable of the day:

Falcon resting on a perch

10:00 Welcome to the Zoo of the Pyrenees
Theoretical session – initiation
What is falconry?
The material to work with birds of prey

11:00 First experience
We will take the birds of prey with the hand
Control of the health status of our bird
Basic management of a bird of prey

12:00 Petting zoo
We will meet several hunting birds and their prey.
Concept: Eat and not be eaten (protection, defense, adaptation)

13:00 Lunch and free time for a walk around the Zoo of the Pyrenees


An eagle-owl about to land on Stania's glove

14:00 Second experience
We will fly the birds of prey and learn to train the birds

16:00 Theoretical session – conclusion
The legislative
Time for questions

17:00 Delivery of certificates and end of the day



Stania and Eloi handling a goshawk

Participants in the course: 50 € per person (bear in mind that the activity lasts all day)
Minimum number of participants 2
Maximum number of participants 6

Accompanying participants: 10 € (children under 3 years old free admission)

They will be able to:
– Listen to the explanations
– Accompany us during the activities
– Take photos and recordings
– They will not acquire practical experience

Attention! No discounts apply for this course.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in learning about the birds of prey? You can share this information about the course, or give a voucher directly to enjoy a full day in the middle of nature learning the art of falconry.

Do you think that learning about hunting birds could be an intense and rewarding experience? Share the information about the course to your social networks! The more people are interested in the world of wild animals, the better for nature! Thank you.


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