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End of Season 2016


The zoo is closing for winter

A lady with an owl

On Sunday, the 11th December, for the last time in 2016, the birds of prey flied over the amphitheatre of the ZOO of the Pyrenees. During the winter time the park will remain closed to the public. The animals need to rest and to spend the climatically complicated season in calm and with abundance of food. And we will use these weeks to prepare the next season.

I would like to thank cordially to all our visitors and to the people who support us. You make possible that we can:

Dedicate our time to the environmental education
Take care of our animals the best way we can
Give a home to the irrecoverable animals

Also in the future, we will continue striving for giving you an exceptional service, and for providing perfect home and respectful care for all the animals that we take care of.

Were there any changes in the free-flying birds of prey show?

Eagle Owl - link to the video with animals of the zoo of the Pyrenees

The star of this year was a little Bambi, who enriched the spectacle. People also enjoyed the interactive part of the spectacle, where they could

Pet a fox and a genet
Feed ravens
Let a bird fly between their legs
Take part in the training of a little owl that jumped from one head to the another

I’ve prepared a video with all the animals that you could see in the Zoo in 2016.

Watch the Video

The Suits of the Animals

A girl pets an owl

We respected the suggestions of our visitors and we created a new activity in which you can pet, feed or wear on a glove some animals – one part domestic ones, but also birds of prey. We named the activity The Suits of the Animals.
It received a great acceptation – 900 visitors took part in it! And according to the comments that reached us, they loved it!

How many people did visit the zoo in 2016?

Teenage girl and Bambi

More than 9.500 visitors came to meet our animals!
It makes me very happy that a great number of those visitors are people who return every year.

There are already 52 establishments that recommend the visit at the zoo to their clients. Almost one quarter of our visitors comes thanks to them. I would like to express my gratitude for their support.

The holiday camps la Carral and el Mirador Port del Comte gave us a huge opportunity. They invited us to perform our exhibition at their installations: 1.540 boys and girls from the whole Catalonia could meet us for the first time on this way. Thank you so much!

What are we planning for the next season?
This I will tell you soon. 😉


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