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Anna on the beachHello, I’m Anna and I am in charge of the public relations of the Zoo of the Pyrenees. I also work in our park during the summer, doing the Toca-toca activity and sometimes I participate in the exhibitions. I manage our Facebook and Instagram pages, and I make the translations of the texts for the webpage of our family project; that way I practice for my future as translator.

The most important thing for me is that our animals are happy with the life we give them, and that our visitors feel like home with us.


Anna con los patosI was born in Germany, in a small village near to Hamburg. Since I was little, I loved animals: every year, my parents gave me duck eggs, which we incubated at home. When the little ducks were born, I played to be their mother, and they followed me in a row anywhere I went. My favourite excursions were to a lake that was near to our house, where I watched them as they took a bath. In autumn, when they were grown, they left with bigger groups of ducks which were flying to warmer places. I always became sad then, but I was happy too, as I knew that they would have a beautiful life in freedom.



Anna i falcóMy parents had a falcon breeding centre, and I remember that every spring, when the little falcons were born, I helped to feed them. We had them inside our house, and when we went to breakfast in the morning, they greeted us and asked for some breakfast too. I loved to see them grow and transform from those little, ugly chicks into big, noble and beautiful falcons; since they grow really fast, you can see them change every day a little. I wasn’t afraid neither of their beak nor their claws, and caressed them if they were sick and stayed with them until they were strong again.

My two brothers, Martin and Lukas, are fundamental pillars in my life. Even though we had the typical sibling discussions when we were small, growing up in a different family and in the middle of the mountains made us very independent and we came really close as family and also as friends, and it is amazing to know that we are always there for each other, that we always will help and support us if we need it.

Anna montó cavalls desde 3 anysAt the age of three, my parents gave me a pony, Teresa. I was so happy, since I always felt passion for horses, and from that day on I knew that I would always ride horses. I learned to ride thanks to falling down a lot; every time I fell, I got up and sat in the saddle immediately, so I didn’t ever lose hope and I didn’t let the fear break me down. My father has always supported me with the horses, since his passion is falcons, so mine are horses and he understands the feelings I have for them. This is the reason why I had the possibility to have some good teachers and I even spent one whole summer in Germany to compete. From every teacher I wanted to keep the best, trying to study the reactions of the animals with every new thing I learned and then I decided what was good for the horses and which treatment wasn’t correct for me.


Anna competió en salt amb cavalls

As I grew, we had to replace that pony for a bigger one (Elisabeth), after that I had an Arabian horse (Shrek) and finally I got my two competition horses (Garcia and Sunshine), with whom I went to compete, and with very good results. But they did not only make me feel great at the competitions, they also made me feel happy; we have an exceptional bound. Unfortunately, in 2014 I broke my leg riding and since then I haven’t started again; in some time, I will, but at the moment it isn’t possible.

But they did not only make me feel great at the competitions, they also made me feel happy; we have an exceptional bound. Unfortunately, in 2014 I broke my leg riding and since then I haven’t started again; in some time, I will, but at the moment it isn’t possible.

During the summer of 2006 we moved here, to the Catalan Pre-Pyrenees. I loved it; I had my horses and with the whole family we made excursions together to explore the surroundings of our new home. I felt free. I went to a rural school, where we were 9 children all together, and in less than one year I learned to speak Catalan, I had some friends and a house in the middle of the nature.

Anna con sus amigos de SolsonaAs time passed by, I changed the school and I was astonished by the quantity of children there; I was overwhelmed at the beginning, I wasn’t used to so many people in one place together. But with some time, I felt like I fitted in more or less, I had my group of friends, with whom I always could count on, and I had my horses, that made me a kind of therapy whenever I needed it.

After the baccalaureate, I started my career at the university, where I study Translation and Interpretation. It was the start of another big stage of my life. Leave home and become a little more independent, even though I know that my family is always there for me if I need them. These are amazing years, the first love, the friends that will last the whole life… it is exactly as my father told me. Only these are reasons enough to keep going, even if sometimes bad things happen and it is tough to move on.

Anna and a barnowlMeanwhile, the Zoo of the Pyrenees project started. At the beginning, I wasn’t happy with the idea; I didn’t want to share my home with anybody else. But then I adapted to this change, too, and I found a passion in it. The animals always make me smile, and with its tranquillity they make us calm down, too, and this sensation is overwhelming. Also, the people who come and appreciate our work and congratulate us for it, make me see our family project as something really special.

After an intense week studying in the university, or if I feel sad because of the problems everybody has in its life, coming back to this calm place lost in the mountains is so gratifying, and I hope that everybody who comes to visit us feels the same.

I will be waiting for you in the Zoo of the Pyrenees.


Anna Kuspert


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