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About Us


About us


Ester y su perroEster Martinez – coordinator

We are a family that decided to share our home with the wild animals that were injured or bad treated by people. We do our best to give them a new home and make them as happy as their health and our situation allow us.

There is one more basic pillar to our zoo: the environmental education. We believe that to prevent that more animals would be hurt, it is important that people know, understand and respect the wild nature.

The exhibition of free flying birds of prey is not just a show: it is time when our animal-friends show what they can, when they enjoy their exercises while we explain about them to our visitors.

As we do not get any subvention for the maintenance, we so much care for the experience our visitors acquire in our park: for it is exclusively thanks to them that our park can continue working and we can take care of the animals in need.

If you wish to learn more things about us, to know about our live “before the zoo”, please feel free to click on the photo of our team member: you’ll find a detailed description and … some funny 😉 pictures or recordings of us. We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Our purpose

To create a community that respects nature,
that understands a vulnerable balance that reigns the environment,
a community that fights to protect it.

Protecting nature, for us, means much more than coming together to discuss the issue.

It is a transformative change of life
It is the education of our children
It takes place locally, nationally and globally
That is the heartbeat of the ZOO of the Pyrenees.

Our partners and cooperators

Link to the official website of the Department of Environmental Politics in Katalonya
Link to the official website of Tourism of Lleida
Link to the official website of Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña
Link to the website of Pyreneespassion
Link to the official website of tourism of Solsonès
Link to the website of the Business Association in Solsonès
Link to the official website of the Route of Cathars
Link to the website of the Spanish Falconry Association

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