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About Us

Eloi and Stania with an eagle

Click this photo to watch the video about Zoo del Pirineu

Hello and thank you for entering this page.
Maybe you want some more information about the zoo before visiting it?
Do you want to be sure that it is worth taking your car and driving to our location?
You have your doubts about the expression “ZOO” in our name?

You will not find a “Typical Old Fashioned Zoo”
What you will find is a WILDLIFE REFUGE situated in a beautiful natural area.

Click here to watch the video about the experience that awaits you.

Who are we?

We are a family that shares our home with wild animals who have been injured or bad/wrongly treated by people. We give them a new home and try to make them as happy as our economic situation allow us.

It is thanks to our visitors that our park can take care of animals in need. We do not get any economical support from the Governmental Authorities and it is exclusively our visitors’ entrances that allow us to continue our task.

Petting activity

Petting activity / Photo: Xavier Vilamanya

In exchange we guarantee you an unforgettable experience with native wildlife.

You can participate in:
– Guided tour
– Free-flying birds of prey show
– Petting activity
– Falconry course

Or you can just spend nice peaceful morning in our park enjoying beautiful views and breathing clear and fresh air of the Pyrenees.


Environmental education

Feeding a raven

Birds of prey show / Foto: Lluis Morera

Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.
– Jane Goodall

There is one basic pillar to our zoo: ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION.
To prevent more animals from being hurt, it is important that people learn to understand and respect wildlife.

We need to understand how nature works and what nature needs to heal. And once we understand we must act! Every small effort we do in our personal life is a big victory for our Planet.

Your visit to Zoo of the Pyrenees will provide you with a sneak peek to the world of wildlife and its problematic, we hope that it will change your understanding of the nature and animals.


Our purpose

To create a community that respects nature,
that understands a vulnerable balance that reigns the environment,
a community that fights to protect it.

Protecting nature, for us, means much more than discussing the issue.

It is a transformative change of life
It is the education of our children
It takes place locally, nationally and globally
That is the heartbeat of the ZOO of the Pyrenees.


About us

If you wish to learn more things about us, please feel free to click on the photos of our team members: you’ll find a detailed description and some funny pictures of us 😉 We hope you will enjoy it.


ParentsEncarna and Eloi, Eloi’s parents (sorry, no photos of them)



Our partners and collaborators

Logo Gen Cat
We work in a strict cooperation with the Government of Catalonia. Every activity that we develop is previously consulted and approved by the General Direction of the Environmental Politics. Many of our animals arrive from official Catalan Governmental Wildlife Hospitals. The Government of Catalonia also supervises the liberation of the animals that are born in our park.

Logo Junta de Andalucia
We are collaborators of the Andalusian Government. We take care of many injured animals proceeding from the Governmental Andalusian Wildlife Hospitals. We are happy that eventhough the political situation is not very favorable, in the Conservation of Nature there is a common interest to help the animals that stands above the political difference.

Logo Asociacion Cetreria
We form part of the Spanish Association of Falconry. We believe that this ancient kind of hunting is one of the most ecologically sustainable way to acquire aliments that people ever did. In 2016 Falconry was included in the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Link to the official website of Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña
We cooperate with scientists in the scene of environmental protection. We consult with them the problematic of different aspects of wildlife and we cooperate in some of their numerous researches.

Logo Agencia catalana de Turisme
We are active members of Catalan Touristic Association. We identify with its effort to increase the awareness of Catalonia’s natural and historical treasures. It’s a shame that most of tourists know this land only as a beach destination. We appreciate ACT’s accomplishment with the sustainability of tourism and the promotion of eco-destinations.

Logo Vall de Lord
We work together with other touristic companies of our beautiful region. Stania is a President of the Touristic Association of the Vall de Lord. This organization has private and public participation and is great way to unify efforts with the objective to develop our territory into an eco-touristic-destination for people who appreciate nature and respect local traditions.

Link to the official website of Tourism of Lleida
Link to the official website of tourism of Solsonès
Link to the website of the Business Association in Solsonès

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